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Celebrating sexuality, authenticity and human connection.


Sexual wellness educator

Savi Sexploration is working to revolutionize sex education and empower individuals to become (s)experts in their own lives. Join us on a transformative journey that reshapes our understanding of sexuality and human connection. 

There is an urgent need for a fresh perspective on sex education and relationship building-- that's why we're here. Our global community thrives on open dialogue, authenticity, an emphasis on critical thinking, and approaching intimacy with knowledge, respect, and consent. Together, we can transform sex education, paving the way for an enlightened and inclusive future.

Join our community today to learn, share, and connect.

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Happy Smile

Amanda's passion for authenticity is contagious and shines through her work.

Her methods of teaching sex education are unconventional in the best possible ways. 

Her work is informative, engaging and empowering-- truly the sex ed we all deserve.


Happy Couple

We booked Amanda for our bridal shower and she was fantastic! She helped us plan the event and coordinated games that were fun and educational. We each left knowing more about sex, ourselves and one another.

Amanda, thank you so much for making our bridal shower such a unique and memorable experience.

OLIVIA & Chris b.

Happy Man

To be honest, I didn't know sex coaching was even a thing, so I went into my first session feeling pretty skeptical. Amanda has a magnetic energy and is very easy to talk to. Nothing shocks this woman!

She encourages me to be honest with myself in ways that I have never been before. I appreciate our sessions very much.


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