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Hi, I'm Amanda

sex educator & coach

I help people refine their relationship with sexuality,  expand their potential for pleasure and learn more about sexual wellness through products, virtual workshops and events.
We need more space for unpacking shame and encouraging curiosity. My work is all about creating that space. I believe these conversations become less uncomfortable the more we have them. This was the inspiration and motivation behind the creation of the BARE Conversation cards.
As a sex educator I have supported clients through facilitated workshops, group discussions, and private coaching around sexual and reproductive health. I am especially dedicated to supporting Black and BIPOC identified people in navigating these topics, as I am acutely aware of the intersectional identity harms that we survive at the center of overlapping historically marginalized identities. The perils of the dearth of sexual wellness resources made accessible to people who have been systemically distanced from power further propel my passion for making these learnings widely accessible to all.

There is much to explore and celebrate!

I invite you to celebrate authenticity, intimacy, and human connection, while simultaneously influencing change. Are you ready? 

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