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Hi, I'm Amanda

I am a sex educator, a student of human sexuality & social psychology, and a soon-to-be licensed sex therapist. At the heart of my work is human connection.


As a sex educator I have supported clients through facilitated workshops, group discussions, and private coaching around sexual and reproductive health. I am especially dedicated to supporting Black and BIPOC identified people in navigating these topics.

I am the founder of Savi Sexploration, a platform and global community that works to redefine the sex education landscape and empower individuals to become (s)experts in their own lives. Through immersive experiences, curated content, and a vast network of professionals, Savi Sexploration offers a unique approach to Sex Ed.


Our global community thrives on open dialogue, authenticity, an emphasis on critical thinking, and approaching intimacy with knowledge, respect, and consent. Let's expand our understanding of sexuality and human connection.


If this sounds up your alley, come learn, share, and connect with us!

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