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My Toxic Insecurities

Here’s to being transparent and letting others know they are not alone. I believe we need more of that. Be the change you wish to see, right?

I want to encourage you to be vulnerable, authentic and honest with yourself and others.

Here is an example of how toxic my insecurities once were. I marked a few pictures that my partner took in admiration of my body. As you can see, I circled some of the things I hated or wanted to change. I was honestly considering plastic surgery at this time.

What we absorb greatly impacts what we believe and how we think. The more you absorb media and content that tells you that you aren’t enough as you are, the more you believe something is wrong with you.

The changes I made started 10 years ago. This does take time and it’s a never ending journey. I started by editing my feed. I unfollowed pages that did not align with my personal values, goals or journey towards self love.

I filtered my social media and surroundings. Does this page/book/music/tv show make me feel inspired, empowered, informed, confident? If the answer is no, I don’t need it in my life.

I replaced what I didn’t need with what I did need— celebration of beauty of people who look more like me and people who inspire me to be my most authentic self. I stopped listening to music that encouraged misogynistic ideals or insulted things applicable to me, and instead soaked up music and books with messages about empowerment and love.

It was challenging at first, but once I stuck to it it became hard not to find what serves me. This work is endless when you live in a world that profits from making you unwell & insecure. However, evaluating what we allow into our lives and determining whether it adds or subtracts from the work we've made towards our development is essential in living consciously.

I want to help undo the damage our society does to our divine inner being however I can. I want to help others shine their very brightest— period.

Today I have the privilege of doing so through my work and I am beyond grateful! ☺️🙈

I have learned so much and want to share it with you. Now, go look in the mirror— what are three things you love about what you see?


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